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The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR
1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City


North Little Rock Fire Dept.
Training Facility and Tower
Remount Road at the NLR Airport

NLRFD Facility (above) and Training Tower -Remount Road - Next to the National Weather Service and The North Little Rock Airport
The building in the picture above is located on Remount Road next to the National Weather Service and is the home of Crash 2,
the Emergency Crash Truck that the NLRFD operates. Crash 2 is crewed by the nearest Engine Company, which is normally Engine 9.
  The North Little Rock Airport is adjacent to this site.  Tests and "hands-on" training can be conducted on this site.

(Above Photo Courtesy of NLRFD Battalion Chief Lee Wilkins)
CRASH 2 - 1975 International Airport Crash Truck
Housed at NLRFD Training Tower. In the event of an emergency,
Engine 9 (or 6) would man the vehicle.


In the photo above, the Training Tower of the Training Facility
on Remount Road can be seen.

Above: A different shot of the Training Tower. The 2003
Ferrara Heavy Rescue was not in service yet when this
photo was made. Immdiately above: A front shot of Crash 2

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