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The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR
1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City

3600 Camp Robinson Road North Little Rock, AR


Apparatus Housed in NLRFD Station Number Six
1 Captain; 1
Lieutenant and
1-2 Fire Fighters
Delivered new in 2/ 95; 1250 GPM Pump; 500 Gallon
Tank; High Compartments on both sides; Booster Line
on top; Side Mount Pump Panel. Deck Gun. Carries defilibrator.
Apparatus is Air Conditioned.

Station 6 was originally the Fire Station in the City of Levy! Levy was annexed to North Little Rock in 1946. The original
Levy Station also was the Levy City Hall. It contained a JAIL as well!

The current Station opened in 1964 and was built on the same site as the original Station 6.  Engine 6'S District includes all
of the shopping centers and fast food restaurants along Camp Robinson Road. This Engine also protects churches, many,
many homes and is the first Engine to arrive at many motels and hotels close to the Freeway.

Engine 6 is the third due Engine in the Maumelle Area in the City of NLR, so it must "hit the freeway" for any such alarms.
Engine 6 also responds to most all alarms in Station 5's territory. Engine 6 also responds to commercial alarms at
commercial structures in the area of Mc Cain Mall, NLR Baptist Hospital, The Other Center, and the host of other
new business being built in the area!

Interesting Facts about Station 6 and Company Number 6: Company 6 has operated out of the Levy Station, ever
since the Levy Fire Station was staffed by North Little Rock after Levy was annexed to North Little Rock in 1946.
There was a period of time in which it was thought that North Little Rock did not intend to keep the Levy Station open.
Newspaper articles made reference to this. North Little Rock Officials stated that the Station WOULD be kept open and
a Fire Engine would be sent to the Levy Station as soon as a "spare could be repaired." (One could only imagine what a
"spare" was at this point: It had to be the 1925 Seagrave, the 1925 Dodge Foamite/Childs, or goodness knows what
else.) The '33 Mack was still at Station 2, and the '36 Ford was at Station 3, so these were the only other choices.

It seems that the truck being used at the Levy Station was on loan from Camp Robinson, and that it had been recalled
to be put in service in the Military again. A picture on this website does show a Corps of Engineers Fire Engine at the
Levy Station. A newpaper article in 1947 makes mention that plans were trying to be finalized to borrow an engine from
the Corps of Engineers. It is not known how long the the Corps of Engineers Pumper stayed at Levy. When the two
1947 American LaFrance pumpers were purchased by the City in late 1947, one of these was stationed at the Pike
Avenue Station. The 1936 Ford then came to Levy. It is shown in a 1949 Newpaper article in front of the station ....
It seemed that the truck had a SERIOUS problem for a fire engine by this point: IT WOULD NOT ALWAYS START!

In 1951, the Ford/Seagrave pumper arrived brand new and was sent to the Levy Station. It stayed at Station 6 until
1966, when the 1951 Seagrave 1000 GPM Custom came from Station 2. In 1976, this truck (The Seagrave) was
replaced by a '76 International/ American LaFrance. The '76 in turn was replace by a 1981 American LaFrance
in 1992. The '81 LaFrance was replaced by the present Engine, a 1995 E-One in February, 1995.

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