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The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR
1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City


3417 Magnolia Street North Little Rock, AR

Station 5 is the oldest Fire Station (Built in 1938) in North Little Rock and houses
the newest apparatus, a 2003 Ferrara Heavy Rescue Pumper. The new Rescue 80, with an
International Chassis and Ferrara body, officially went in service on January 16, 2004.


Apparatus Housed in NLRFD Station Number Five
1 Captain;
1 Lieutenant
Delivered new on November 10, 2003; 1000 GPM Pump, 300 Gallon Tank; 1200 feet of supply hose, 2 100' "Trash Lines" (1 on each side), "Scene Lights," On Board Air Cascade System, Generator, Carries defilibrator. A full supply of ground ladders, a winch, extrication tools and equipment, rescue equipment, medical equipment, and an
overhead awning for rehab purposes.

Rescue 80 serves both as a first due unit in  the Park Hill District and as the "North End" Rescue.  The International/ Ferrara apparatus is the newest in the N.L.R.F.D. The Heavy Rescue/Pumper can delivery 1000 GPM through its Hale Pump. It has a 300 gallon booster tank.  Extrication equipment, rescue equipment, medical equipment as well as several hundred feet of supply hose, two "trash lines" consisting of 100 feet each of 1 3/4" attack line, a full compliment of ground ladders, as well as the ability to refill air packs on scene are all features of this new multi-mission apparatus.   Since 1992,  Rescue 80 has run out of Station 5.  The crew consists of a Captain and a Lieutenant (driver).

     This station was originally the Park Hill Volunteer Fire Department's headquarters. It is the oldest station in the city, and is considered an historic building.  The first pumper I remember in this station was the '41 Ford/American La France.  It even still had the "Park Hill" gold lettering on the body when I found the truck in 1977.    (See the link to the NLR On Line Fire Museum.)  After the pump became inoperable on the '41 Ford,  the 1939 Seagrave came to Station 5 as a reserve until the '59 La France arrived new at Station 5.
The '59 was swapped with Engine 3's '47 American La France, after a while so that the 1000 GPM Pumper was in the downtown area. The '78 Ford/Pierce was the stationed at Park Hil, until it was transfered to Engine 4 in the reorganization of the N.L.R.F.D.

The geography of North Little Rock makes this Fire Station very, very important in inclimate weather. Should Engine 6 not be able to get up the hill, or should Engine 7not be able to get out of Lakewood, the citizens of this part of the city would depend completely on Station 5 to save property and lives as the only line of defense.

(Thanks to Mrs. Gretchen Spinelli for the above photo.)

BLACKIE with Bob Van Tuyle when he was stationed at Park Hill. One of the most memorable facts about Station 5 is their Mascot - a dog named "Blackie."Blackie lived at the station for many years. When the fire bell sounded, Blackie bounded for the old '41 Ford and jumped on top of the hose bed, ready to make the run!

Interesting Facts about Station 5 and Company Number 5: The first apparatus to carry the "Number 5" in the N.L.R.F.D. was a Ford Panel Van, which was a 1939 or 1940 model. It had a Panama Pump Company 6 GPM Pump which ran off of the fan belt. There was a 100 gallon booster tank installed. The unit was used to fight grass fires and to deliver goods to Department "Substations." (The bill of sale from Panama Pump Company is still in existence.)

The next apparatus to carry the Company designation of "5" was the 1946 Seagrave Aerial Ladder Truck! Early pictures of the truck show it with the Number 5 on its doors. The 1947 ISO Report shows the Park Hill Station designated as "Company 7!" (Levy was Number 6 - Central's pumper was Co. No. 4 and the "Reserve Pumper" was No. 1.) Later, the Aerial Truck was changed to Company 1A, and Park Hill became Station 5, with Company 5 operating as the pumper in that station.


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