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The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR
1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City


3700 East Broadway- North Little Rock
"The Haz-Mat Station"

Engine 2 and Hazmat 938 are housed at Station 2.
Engine 2 is a 1998 E-One/ Spartan 1250 GPM. Parked to the
right of Engine 2 is the new apparatus for Hazmat 938. The 1988 GMC Van was just rennovated for hazmat service. It was
formerly a maintenance van for the City of North pLittle Rock. The GMC van carries all needed equipment and supplies for
most hazardous materials incidents. In the event of a major hazmat incident, more equipment is available in a specially
equiped trailer. A trailer containing Trench Rescue Equipment can also be pulled, should such an emergency arise in the City.

Click Here For Pictures of the Repainting of the GMC Van

Engine 2 sits in front of its station on June 3, 2004
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Engine 2: 1998 Spartan/E-One: Entered Service Jan, 1999.
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Hazmat and Special Opertations Apparatus at N.L.R.F.D. Station 2

HazMat Unit 938 GMC Diesel Van
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HazMat Response Unit 938 - Another View - Note Awning
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Trench Rescue and Special Operations Trailers

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The trailer Of Hazmat 938.
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Apparatus Housed in NLRFD Station Number Two
ENGINE 2 1998 E-ONE/
1 Captain; 1
Lieutenant and
1-2 Fire

Delivered new in 12/ 98; 1250 GPM Pump; 1000 Gallon Tank; High Compartments on right and left sides; 200' Booster Line;
Air Conditioned; Top Mount Pump Panel; Ground Ladders on Top. Carries defilibrator and 5" large diameter supply hose. Deck Gun; Carries defilibrator.

UNIT 938

1988 GMC Van Crewed by Engine 2 The GMC Van has a new Diesel engine and
has been completely rennovated to serve as
a HazMat Apparatus. This unit carries all
equipment and materials needed for
Hazardous Materials Incidents. An
accompanying trailer has additional
equipment and materials for Major HazMat
Incidents. There is also a Trench Rescue
Trailer at Station 2.


Station 2 serves at the home of Engine 2. Its 1000 booster tank is utilized on fires in the Willow Beach area, where hydrants are
scarce at present.  Fire Station #2 has a lot of industries, manufacturing operations, along with a lot of houses which were built
close together many years ago in its territory.

There are also several shopping centers, small business structures, churches, schools and mutli-family dwellings in the territory of Engine 2. Engine 2 must also cover Willow Beach along with Engine 10. Engine 2 has a western border with Engine 1 at Buckeye Street. It southern border is the Arkansas River. Engine 2'S District borders on the east with Engine 10, and on the north it goes as
far as the Union Pacific Railroad Property.

Interesting Facts About Station 2 and Engine 2: Station 2 has occupied more Fire Stations than any other Company in the NLRFD'S History. The original station 2 was on the across the street from 2100 or 2200 E. Broadway. In the 1931 Underwriters' Report,
Station 2 is listed at Third and Beech in a "Concrete Block Building." At some point, the Station was moved to 2306 E. Broadway,
where it stayed until 1946. It was in the east end of a building that evidently had more than one business in the entire building. From recording in the NLR History Commission, it looks as if there was barely room for the fire truck. The next Station 2 was across the street (2300 E. Broadway). It "shook and rattled" when big trucks came by on Broadway. This was the first Station 2 which the City of NLR actually owned. There others were rented. It was torn down and replaced by a two bay station, which opened in 1954 and was closed in 1992. That station still stands today. The present Station 2 at E. Broadway and Dixie was opened in 1992.

Station 2 is now the "Haz-Mat Station," since Unit 938 operates out of this station. It is operated by the firefighters on Engine 2. Engine 2 received its first motorized apparauts in 1925. The 1917 American La France moved to Station 2 upon the arrival of the '25 Seagrave at Central in December, 1925

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