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The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR
1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City



Engine 9 officially received its new Pierce Contender Pumper in service at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 19, 2002.
The photographs on this webpage were made about 30 minutes later at 5:00 p.m. A booster line is mounted on top of the apparatus on the driver's side. A 1250 GPM pump and 1000 booster tank, along with and air conditioned cab make this
pumper a sure hit with firefighters at Station 9.

Engine 9'S former apparatus, a 1981 American La France 1500 GPM pumper was also housed at Station 9 on April 19th.
The 1981 American la France apparently will soon become Standby Engine 101.


The crew of Engine 9 on April 19th was still checking out the pumper and making a few changes concerning where tools,
nozzles and equipment would be stored on the new pumper. They seemed to be very impressed with the new pumper. It
is air conditioned, and seats six firefighters. Engine 9'S new pumper has a 1250 GPM pump and a 1000 gallon booster
tank. It also has a deck gun which can blast out 1000 gallons of water a minute if needed. The hose on the new Engine 9
is mostly 5" hose! There is a compartment in the front bumper for a "trash line" which still must be installed.

Another view of the New Engine 9. It had yet to receive its first run when these pictures were made. This is the first new
pumper that firefighters at this station have operated on since the original Engine 9 was placed in service in the early part
of 1977. (It was a 1976 International / American La France. The new Pierce Pumper was manufactured in July, 2001 and
became a demo pumper. The NLRFD made a huge savings with this pumper. It had only 400 miles on the odometer, since
it had been an Official Daytona Speedway Fire Truck. Pierce, sold the pumper to North Little Rock for a big savings, and
delivery was almost immediate!

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