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The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR
1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City


New Heavy Rescue With Pump and Cascade System!
Officially Placed In Service At Station 5: January 16, 2004

Click HERE To See Pictures of the New
Ferrara Heavy Rescue/Pumper when it
arrived in North Little Rock.
Click HERE to see Final Inspection Pictures of the new NLRFD Rescue Pumper on this Website. (Pictures courtesy of NLRFD Chief Joe Mc Call.)

The bid by Ferrara Fire Apparatus of Holden, LA (America's Bravest in Jacksonville -
local representative) was awarded by the City Council on May 12, 2003 for a new Heavy
Rescue Apparatus for Station 5
at 3417 Magnolia Street. Thanks to Mayor Hays
for sponsoring the resolution, and to the entire NLR City Council for voting for the
The total cost of the new apparatus was $249,467.67.

The New Heavy Rescue For Station 5 is a state of the art Apparatus. It features an
on-board cascade system, plenty of compartments with roll up doors, a generator
and space for the normal tools needed for emergencies and accidents of any kind.
Since Park Hill lies significantly higher than the closest pumper in icy weather, or that
Station 6 or 7 could very easily already be on another alarm, a 1000 GPM pump
is included on the new apparatus. It features a 300 gallon water tank, storage for
at least 500 feet of 3 1/2 inch supply hose, a generous supply of attack hose, and a
trash line on each side of the apparatus.
This new apparatus protects the citizens,
their property, and most importantly the LIVES of citizens!

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