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                                 Enjoy these pictures of NLR Fire Apparatus!

The actual exchange of equipment when the
'81 ALF became Engine 101 and the '78 Ford
was decommissioned on April 30, 2002

What in the world? Reserve 101 is filling
in for Engine 8. Engine 8 is about to leave
for the Smeal factory. Engine 103 has been
moved so that the hose from Engine 8 can be
removed and stored in the station.

The same picture? No, Engine 8 has just
returned from Smeal, and Reserve 101 has
been parked out of the way. Engine 2 has
pulled in the station to get turnouts out of
the industrial washer in Station 8.
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Days past? No, RE 101 is filling in for
Engine 7 in June, '02. This picture will
probably never be duplicated again.

Engine 6 at Park Hill Elementary sometime
soon after 9-11-01.
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Hose is moved from the '76 International
to the '85 Seagrave on 6-22-02 as Reserve
Engine 102 gets a newer (17 yrs old) truck.
The '76 International is behind the Seagrave;
the '81 ALf (RE 101) is also visible.

This is the first time that a Seagrave
apparatus has occupied this bay at
Central since 1982. (The '47 Seagrave
Aerial was normally here from the opening
of this station until 1982.)

Mud! The fire fighters of Central and
Engine 10 make quick work out of changing
a full load of hose on 6/22/02.
Decommissioning of the 1976 International (ALF) which was Reserve Engine 102 (Originally Engine 4)
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Never Again! This hopefully marks the
LAST TIME that a NLR Fire fighter might
have to ride the tailboard of a pumper! An
unidentified NLR Fire fighter holds an old
safety strap just taken off the tailboard of
the 1976 International (RE 102) as it was
being decommission on 6/22/02.

A picture of Central Station in 1992. The Pierce Pumper was brand new. Note the old
"bubble gum" flashing lights/ sirens on
Truck 1A. Engine 101 was the'76 ALF/
International which was just decommissioned.

This was the scene at Central from 1982 until 1992. 
The only thing lacking was a white top on the aerial
(or a red top on the pumper ... depending on how one
looked at things.) This '81 ALF Pumper was totaled
in 1999 on a rain-slick road.

The'87 Pierce making a run as Engine 2. It
had just left Broadway & Dixie, east bound on Broadway, after just pulling out of
Station 2.

  The '92 Pierce was not even is service here.  

This is a particularly interesting photo of the '85
Seagrave as Engine 3 in front of the Station. Note the
hard suction hose above the high compartments on the
left side. This suction hose had just been installed a
day or two before this picture in April, 1999. The hard
suction was put on the Seagrave, since it would move
to Station 10 in just a few days. This was an assignment
this engine would keep until June,2002.

The Original Rescue "80." It started out as the bomb squad. (Signal 80) Hence the number?

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