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The Unofficial Website Of the North Little Rock, AR
1904- 2004: 100 Years of Protection and Service To The City



  • Several MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS in the NLRFD have taken place in the last several months. These improvements show a very positive committment to the citizens of NLR in their safety from fire, emergencies and catastrophies from our Mayor, Aldermen, Fire Chief and other Chief Officers of the NLRFD. The citizens of NLR owe each of these people a HUGE "THANK YOU!" Much of this is possible because the Citizens of NLR voted in favor a the sales tax which funds many of these Capitol Improvements.

  • Among these improvements are:

  • The new Heavy Duty Rescue, which arrived November 1, 2001. It has an air cascade system for refilling air bottles on scene at big fires and in a dedicated paramedic unit (with life saving capabilities). The apparatus can seat 4 firefighters and carries equipment, tools and gear for any emergency Click here for pictures of the New Rescue 19.

  • The Air Conditioning of Engine 7, so that it can be a Paramedic Unit, and thereby carry life-saving medicines. This engine also carries a certified paramedic as one of its crew
    Click here for pictures of Engine 7.

  • The remodeling of Fire Station #7 to house the Aerial Platform, which will arrive June 10th. Click here for pictures of the remodeled NLR Fire Station #7.
    Click here to see remodeled NLR Fire Station #7

  • The opening of New Station 8 which opened on Wednesday April 3, 2002 and had its official Grand Opening on April 9, 2002. Many dignitaries and officers of the NLRFD were on hand. The New Station has a lot of features which will help make life at the Station much more liveable and will also give better coverage to the western part of North Little Rock.
    Click here to see NLRFD'S New Station 8.

  • The purchase of a new Pierce Custom Contender Pumper, which arrived at the NLRFD on April 9, 2002 and was put in service at Station 9 on April 19, 2002. It has a 1250 GPM pump and a 1000 Gallon Booster Tank. The 1981 American La France which was Engine 9 became Reserve Engine 101 on April 30, 2002. This will give the NLRFD a Reserve Engine on which firefighters will not have to ride the tailboard (on the rear step) when their pumper is out of service.
    Click here to see Engine 9'S new apparatus.

  • The purchase of a second Pierce Custom Contender Pumper, identical to Engine 9"S new
    pumper, which arrived at the NLRFD on June 7th and went in service as Engine 10 on
    June 21st. The new Pierce Contender is stationed at Station 10 as Engine 10 and replaced
    a 1985 (17 years old/ high miles) Seagrave Pumper. The 1000 tank on this new pumper
    will really come in handy at this station.
    This also affords a second Reserve Apparatus
    on which firefighters will no longer have to ride the tailboard.
    Click here to see Engine 10'S new apparatus.

  • The purchase of the new Pierce Aerial Platform (which arrived July 2, 2002). This
    apparatus with a 2000 GPM pump and a 100 foot aerial ladder replaced a 1975 Model.

    It went in service at Station 7 on August 19, 2002.
    Click here to see pictures of NLR'S new aerial platform.
  • The purchase of a new International 4400/Ferrara Heavy Rescue/ Pumper for the Park Hill Station. The new Heavy Rescue/Pumper arrived in North Little Rock on November 10, 2003, and was placed in service on January 16, 2004. The new Rescue Pumper for Station 5 has a 1000 GPM Pump, 300 gallons of water and can carries 1200 hundred feet of supply hose, along with 600 feet of "attack hose." The new Park Hill Rescue/Pumper carries every type of rescue equipment that could be needed for an emergency, including the "jaws of life" and a defilibrator. The apparatus also has a cascade system, which can manufacture air on scene to refill air bottles for fire fighters. An awning to shield exhausted fire fighters from extreme heat is also a feature on the new apparatus. The Ferrara Heavy Rescue also carries ground ladders and is fully air conditioned.
    Click here to see pictures of NLR'S new Heavy Rescue/Pumper