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Chief C.R. Vaughn, long-time NLRFD Officer and Firefighter formally retired from the North Little Rock Fire Department recently. Chief Vaughn had been the Chief of the NLRFD since 1995 or early 1996. His accomplishments for the safety and welfare of the citizens of North Little Rock will be experienced by those who live in the city for years to come. Among those accomplishments were the establishment of two apparatus as dedicated paramedic units (Rescue 19 and Engine 7) with at least one certified paramedic on the apparatus at all times; the equiping of all thirteen front line apparatus with defillibrators, so that a person suffering from cardiac arrest would have the chance of his or her life being saved.

Also, Chief Vaughn was responsible for convincing city fathers of the need to approve the construction of a New Fire Station Number 8, which just recently opened. During Chief Vaughn's tenure as Chief of Department, many worn out and outdated apparatus were replaced. Engines 1, 2, 8, 9 along with Rescue 19 were all replaced with new apparatus during his tenure. A new Pierce 100' Tower Ladder/ Quint will arrive in early June. This apparatus was approved and ordered during Chief Vaughn's tenure. He work long and tireless hours on his private time informing people of the need for a sales tax (which was passed) so that some portion of the funds realized could go for badly needed fire apparatus, including the new aerial platform.

In addition, the announcement of another pumper for which bids were taken during Chief Vaughn's admistration should be made soon. As of April 30, 2002 firefighters will no longer have to ride the tailboard on reserve pumpers since the arrival of Engine 9'S new pumper. Engine 9'S former pumper with crew seats became Reserve Engine 101 on April 30, 2002.

The plans and site for NLR Fire Station 11 in the extreme eastern part of NLR were laid during Chief Vaughn's years as chief. He had well over 30 years of service to the NLRFD.

A retirement dinner for Chief Vaughn was held recently at Woody's Sherwood Forest.

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