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The Unofficial WebsIte of the North Little Rock, AR

There was a major fire at Ronco Building Salvage's Warehouse on East Broadway during the afternoon of
September 7, 2002. The structure was fully involved when the first company arrived, from reports I received.
Engines 1,2,3,10, Truck 1A, Rescue 19, Batallion 924, and Cars 945 and 949 all responded to the fire. It was a
very stubborn fire, with all of the old building materials inside the building. Temperatures outside were in the
90'S, making for very, very bad conditions to fight a major fire. The fire was about 1 block from Engine 2's
quarters. Engine 2 laid 5 1/2 inch line from a hydrant on East Broadway and hit the fire full blast with its deck gun.
Engine 10 parked close by and used its deck gun as well. On the Washington Avenue side of the fire, Engine 1
used its deck gun and also supplied Truck 1A's ladder pipe. Engine 1's booster line was utilized for grass fires
which resulted from the main fire. MEMS provided "rehab" for firefighters, due to the extreme heat. Engine 8
filled in at Central.
The NLRFD made an incredible save at this major fire. The building next door at 4300 East Broadway was left standing -- undamaged by the fire.

Sunday Morning's Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports that work was being done on the roof of the building
just before the fire. It also reported that a sprinkler valve was recovered ... in the OFF POSITION!

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A view of Engines 2 & 10 blasting the fire on Sept 7, 2002. (E. Broadway)

Another view of Engine 2's deck gun
in opertation

Engine 10's Deck gun at work

A close-up of Engine 2 battling the fire

NLRFD Firefighters advance a large
capacity hand line into the burning

Engine 3 stands by as its crew
provides needed firefighters at the fire

Engine 1's deck gun in operation on
the Washington Ave side of the fire.

Talk about smoke! (Engine 10 works)

Another view of Engine 10 blasting
away at the fire. The decision to
purchase the new apparatus certainly
showed its wisdom today!

Chief 924 protects hose with his
vehicle until the police arrive on the

Rescue 19 first parked here at the fire.
The heavy rescue later came down E. Broadway to set up a cooling fan for firefighters. The temperature was about 95

Truck 1A operates its ladder pipe.
The water curtain did its job in saving
the building next door.